365 Project

This year I decided to do a photo a day for a year project. I am planning on focusing on black and white photography. New Year’s Eve kicked off with a small party with the kids shooting confetti poppers. Oh what a fun mess!

Jan 01 2019 after party….mess clean up.

2/365 morning light. 

 Such lovely sunlight streaming in on an empty laundry basket.  Thankful of the warm sunlight (inside) and no laundry today.

3/365 dirty dishes. 

A reminder of a delicious dinner the night before. Shortly after taking this photo the sink was cleared and cleaned, then filled again not long after. 

4/365 letting in the dog.  

Letting in/out the dog is a task that is done numerous times a day. Sometimes rewarded with a treat.

5/365 library trip. 

Today was spent visiting a few shops in town and then stopping by the library. Found a good book to read after sorting out dues.

6/365 discarded. 

It’s that time of year where you see discarded trees everywhere. 

7/365 grocery trip. 

Had to take a trip to the grocery store today, which turned into another trip to another grocery store.

8/365 slippery when wet. 

Slippery when wet, reads the sign. Today was slippery when icy. 

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